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Thank you, all the participants of the Hadron 2013 conference!

Proceedings is published, and is available at a PoS site, thank you for your contributions! [April 7, 2014]

The conference is now successfully closed, except for the small extra works for making proceedings. [2013.Nov.8]

Proceedings instruction is added. [2013.Nov.5]

Final circular is added. [2013.Oct.30]

Link to the "Timetable" is added (see the link in the left-side) [2013.Oct.18]

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Brief description

The aim of this conference is to review the status and progress in hadron spectroscopy and related aspects of hadron physics. This series of biennial conferences started in 1985 at Maryland, USA. The XV International Conference on Hadron Spectroscopy (Hadron 2013) is held from November 4th to November 8th 2013 in Nara, Japan.

The conference place in Nara during November is the best combination to enjoy the color of autumn in Japan together with numerous historical places in this ancient city. One can also easily extend the trip to the surrounding famous cities of Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe in the same Kaisai area.

Important Dates

  • August 31, 2013, 23:59 (JST) - abstract submission deadline (extended) (contributions were selected in mid-September)
  • September 15-18, 2013 - parallel talk / poster acceptance emails should have been delivered (please contact us if you do not hear anything)
  • October 3, 2013, 23:59 (JST) - registration / hotel reservation closed
  • November 4-8, 2013 (JST) - conference
  • January 15, 2014, 23:59 (JST) - proceedings contribution deadline (sorry, deadline is now earlier!)

    (JST: Japan Standard Time, UTC+0900, comes earlier than US/European time)


  • Spectroscopy of light- and heavy-quark mesons
  • Baryons
  • Quarkonia
  • Glueballs, hybrids, and multiquarks
  • Exotic hadrons
  • Phenomenological models
  • Effective field theories
  • QCD on the lattice
  • Hadron structure
  • Hadrons in matter including hypernuclei
  • Hadrons in heavy-ion collisions
  • Future facilities
  • Other related topics

International Advisory Committee

  • Claude Amsler (University of Bern)
  • Edmond Berger (Argonne National Laboratory)
  • Stefano Bianco (INFN - Frascati)
  • Alexander Bondar (BINP)
  • Nora Brambilla (TU München)
  • Tullio Bressani (INFN and Torino University)
  • Volker Burkert (Jefferson Laboratory)
  • Suh-Urk Chung (BNL/ TU München /PNU-Korea)
  • Frank Close (Oxford University)
  • Francois Le Diberder (CNRS/ IN2P3/ LAL)
  • Paul Eugenio (Florida State University)
  • Andrey Golutvin (Imperial College/ CERN/ NRC KI)
  • Testuo Hatsuda (RIKEN)
  • Toru Iijima (Nagoya University) -- chair
  • Gerhard Mallot (CERN)
  • Brian Meadows (University of Cincinnati)
  • Shoji Nagamiya (KEK/ JAEA)
  • Mikihiko Nakao (KEK)
  • Makoto Oka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Stephen Lars Olsen (Seoul National University)
  • Eulogio Oset (University of Valencia)
  • Stephan Paul (TU München)
  • Klaus Peters (GSI, Darmstadt)
  • Alberto Reis (CBPF)
  • Ian Shipsey (Purdue University)
  • Eric Swanson (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Ulrike Thoma (Bonn University)
  • Anthony Thomas (Adelaide University)
  • YiFang Wang (IHEP, Beijing)
  • Ulrich Wiedner (Bochum University)
  • Hartmut Wittig (Mainz University)
  • Shin Nan Yang (National Taiwan University)
  • Alexandre Zaitsev (IHEP, Protvino)
  • Bing Song Zou (ITP/CAS, Beijing)

Local Organizing Committee

  • Toru Iijima (Nagoya University, Chair)
  • Kenkichi Miyabayashi (Nara Women's University, vice chair)
  • Atsushi Hosaka (RCNP, vice chair)
  • Hideto En'yo (RIKEN)
  • Masayasu Harada (Nagoya University)
  • Daisuke Jido (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  • Hiroyuki Kamano (RCNP)
  • Hideko Nagahiro (Nara Women's University)
  • Mikihiko Nakao (KEK)
  • Takashi Nakano (RCNP)
  • Masayuki Niiyama (Kyoto University)
  • Hiroyuki Noumi (RCNP)
  • Yoshihide Sakai (KEK)
  • Shoichi Sasaki (Tohoku University)
  • Shigehiro Yasui (KEK)
  • Satoshi Yokkaichi (RIKEN)
  • Sachiko Kataoka (Nara University of Education)
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